Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations have increased hugely in recent years as cheap air travel enables people to visit destinations where the bugs still thrive, bringing them back to towns and cities in the UK. Bed bugs are most common in London and the surrounding areas due to population density and well as the sheer amount of hotels, hostels and shared housing available

Bed bugs…

  • Hide in cracks, crevices, the slats of bed frames and in seams of furniture, as well as on picture frames
  • Live off human blood and feed on you at night, being attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale as we sleep
  • Quickly spread throughout the property
  • Are very difficult to eradicate without professional treatment
  • Cause very itchy and unsightly bite marks
  • Are not caused by issues around cleanliness and will not be eradicated simply by washing bed linen
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