Rats will invade your home if they consider it a good place to find food, water or shelter, generally living in loft areas, wall cavities, under sheds or garden decking. Rats are very habitual and will not leave of their own accord. Rats have excellent memories and tend to use the same route, meaning they won’t ever forget how to get into your property! Rats can and do live in sewers, which can cause them to spread diseases and bacteria to your home… If you see rats in or around your home it’s best to call the professionals as they breed exceptionally quickly, meaning one rat today will turn into an infestation before you know it.


Mice are very common and and due to their size can get into the smallest gap imaginable. They breed exceptionally quickly and can easily overrun your home or business before you realise it.

  • Carry bacteria diseases which can lead to diarrhoea and salmonella
  • Leave their faeces in their wake
  • Will chew through wood, furniture and wires
  • They eat between 15-20 times per day
  • They can give birth when they are 2 months old and can produce up to a dozen babies every 3 weeks!


Outbreaks of bed bugs have increased hugely in recent years, mainly due to cheap air travel enabling people to visit destinations where the bugs still thrive, bringing them back to towns and cities in the UK. Problems with bed bugs mainly arise in London and surrounding areas due to population density as well as the sheer amount of hotels, hostels and shared housing available

  • Bed bugs hide in cracks, crevices, slats of bed frames and in seams of furniture as well as on picture frames
  • They live on human blood and feed off you at night as they’re attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale while sleeping
  • Quickly spread throughout the property
  • Very difficult to eradicate without professional treatment
  • Cause very itchy and unsightly bite marks
  • Bed bugs are not caused by issues of cleanliness and will not be eradicated by simply washing bed linen


Wasps will continue to thrive as the weather stays warm, with the queen of each nest producing between 10 & 20 new queens which will then go and build a new nest nearby.

This will result in the problem reoccurring year after year and increasing in impact

A nest begins life quite small in size but if left will grow rapidly – we have seen some as big as a large dog! This is when they will have to expand beyond the original cavity they are occupying, meaning they will chew through plasterboard and wood in your property in order to find additional space. Structural damage caused by wasps can have serious consequences. In our years of experience we have seen nests push through light fittings and even cause ceilings to collapse. Often lofts are seriously damaged, causing unnecessary financial strain which can be avoided if you act and call the experts.

Some home insurance won’t cover the cost of damages if the wasps have been left untreated.


While squirrels may look cute, they are just as bad as rats … if not worse!

“Vermin with fluffy tails”

  • It is illegal to release squirrels back into the wild if caught
  • They are extremely aggressive, especially if protecting their young
  • Can cause extremely expensive damage to the home
  • Carry diseases harmful to you and your family
  • Their teeth continue to grow, meaning they can chew through most materials causing costly repairs.


Cockroaches carry lots of diseases, most commonly salmonella . They are extremely hardy and can survive most environments. They thrive in damp and wet conditions and are always on the lookout for food.

  • They can lay between 30-50 eggs at any one time
  • Most commonly found varieties in the UK are Oriental and German cockroaches
  • Can quickly spread between neighbouring properties as their exoskeleton allows them to squeeze through the smallest cracks or along gaps and pipes
  • Can even climb ceilings and take over your home or business within days

Call the experts at eXverminate today


Fleas are one of the UK’s most common pests, living on your pet as a host and feeding off them, you and your family. They can live for over 3 months without feeding , laying dormant until there is a food source available. Not only do they make your life a nightmare and cause embarrassment but the make your beloved pet’s life very uncomfortable too.

We use the most powerful chemical in the industry which will not only kill the flea itself but also the egg and larvae, eradicating the life cycle instantly.

Bird Control

Birds are becoming more of a pest than ever before, regardless of the breed or location they are now most definitely trying to rule the roost!

Using the most up to date methods ranging from spikes and nets to trapping and wires, here at eXverminate we can offer you a solution that best fits your needs.

  • Birds carry an array of diseases
  • They leave your property looking very unsightly
  • Can cause health risks if you try and solve the problem yourself

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