Wasps will continue to thrive as the weather stays warm, with the queen of each nest producing between 10 & 20 new queens across the season, each of which will then build a new nest nearby.

This will result in the problem reoccurring  year after year and increasing in scale

A nest begins life quite small but if left will grow rapidly – we have seen some as big as a large dog! At this point they will have to expand beyond the original cavity they are occupying, meaning they will chew through plasterboard and wood in your property in order to gain more space. Structural damage caused by wasps can have serious consequences. Throughout our years of experience we have seen nests push through light fittings and even cause ceilings to collapse.  Often lofts are seriously damaged, causing unnecessary financial strain which can be avoided if you act and call the experts.

Some home insurance won’t cover the cost of damages if the wasps have been left untreated.

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